Monday, October 22, 2018

What's in a tree?

From the makers of "to tree or not to tree?"...

I decided, a long long time ago, my Christmas tree was going to be a symbol of growth and change.
From the time I bought it and the reasons that made me bought it, my tree became a symbol of a new life.

And so it did.

After being hidden for almost 4 years, my tree was the first thing that sat down next to me on the passenger seat, the only thing that stood by me on the elevator while I pressed my lucky number 17, the first that crossed the threshold, and the first thing on the studio at my new place.

So yeah... what's in a tree?
I don't know.

But I'm happy.

1 comment:

Maria() said...

Yaaaay! Hay que ir (después del primero de diciembre, claro) a conocer el arbolito